My Data

Escort Category: GOLD

Available in: Dusseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt
Home: Dusseldorf

Age: 27
Height: 170 cm
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
BH-Cup: 75D
Dress: 36
Weight: 56 kg
Smoking: Tolerant Nonsmoker
Cuisine: Italian, Japanese
Drinks: Rose Wine
Perfume: Gucci
Flowers: Orchids
Interests: Sport, Traveling, Architecture
Language: German, English
Characteristics: Life-long, Adventurous, Passionate

About me

What excites you about the escort business?

I love to meet new personalities and to feel the date in every single way.

Your motto in life?

Live your life to the fullest.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love to drink wine in the sun – just enjoying life.

Describe yourself in three words

Open-hearted, spontaneous, sensitive.

Two compliments that you hear often? And which one means more to you?

They say i have a gorgeous smile and a nice personality.They say i have a gorgeous smile and a nice personality.

What is really important in life to you?

My family.

My escort fees

2 Stunden: 450 Euro
3 Stunden: 600 Euro
4 Stunden: 700 Euro
6 Stunden: 900 Euro
8 Stunden: 1.100 Euro
12 Stunden: 1.400 Euro
24 Stunden: 1.900 Euro

Travel costs:

Do not hesitate to ask us for the individual travel expenses for this escort model.