My Data

Escort Category: PLATIN

Available in: Zurich, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich
Home: Cologne

Age: 24
Height: 172 cm
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Green
BH-Cup: 75C
Dress: 36
Weight: 60 kg
Smoking: Tolerant Nonsmoker
Cuisine: Mediterranean Cuisine, Asian
Drinks: Champagne, White wine, Cocktails, Water with ice and lemon
Perfume: Kenzo Amour, Burberry Brit
Flowers: White Roses
Interests: Travel, sports, culture, musicals, beauty, fashion
Language: German, English
Characteristics: straightforward, frank, communicative, humorous

About me

What excites you about the escort business?

I love to meet new people. It’s the thrill who is going to be behind that door.

Your motto in life?

Enjoy every day and smile as much as you can.

What do you like doing in your spare time?


Describe yourself in three words

Open-hearted, spontaneous, sensitive.

Two compliments that you hear often? And which one means more to you?

People say that I have beautiful eyes and nice breasts. Every compliment said by a man is adorable.

What is really important in life to you?

My family. To reach the goals I have set and live my dreams to the fullest.

My escort fees

2 hours (Private Date): 450 Euro
3 hours (Private Date): 600 Euro
4 hours (Private Date): 700 Euro
6 hours (Private Date): 900 Euro
8 hours (Private Date): 1.100 Euro
12 hours (Private Date): 1.400 Euro
24 hours (Private Date): 1.900 Euro
1 extra day (Private Date): 900 Euro

Travel costs:
Dusseldorf = 200 Euro
Cologne = 200 Euro
Munich = 250 Euro
Frankfurt = 150 Euro
Hamburg = 120 Euro
Hanover = 150 Euro