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Escorts Gelsenkirchen

High Class Escorts GelsenkirchenMen like you, who not only have good taste, but are good enough for the best, should not settle for the average in terms of women. That’s why the Escort Service Gelsenkirchen is exactly the right choice for you. It does not matter whether you are looking for a nice companion for a business lunch, an opera visit or a night in your hotel – the Escorts Gelsenkirchen are always at your disposal, just click through the numerous profiles of the most attractive ladies in the city and choose the right companion for you. Here you will find the right lady by your side for every taste and every occasion. You will realize that your wishes and ideas will come true at each of these meetings with the Escort Agency Gelsenkirchen. You do not have to settle for anything less than the best.

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 Dusseldorf | Mid 20’s



 Dusseldorf | Mid 20’s



 Dusseldorf | Early 20’s



  Cologne | Mid 20’s



 Cologne | Mid 20’s



 Dusseldorf | Mid 20’s



 Dusseldorf | Mid 20’s



 Dusseldorf | Mid 20’s | PLATINUM

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 Frankfurt | Mid 20’s



 Frankfurt | Mid 20’s



 Frankfurt | Mid 20’s



 Frankfurt | Mid 20’s



 Frankfurt | Mid 20’s | PLATINUM



 Frankfurt | Early 30’s | PLATINUM

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 Berlin | Mid 20’s



 Berlin | Mid 20’s



 Berlin| Mid 20’s



 Berlin | Mid 20’s



 Berlin | Mid 20’s



Berlin | Mid 20’s | PLATINUM



 Berlin | Mid 20’s | PLATINUM

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 Munich | Mid 20’s



 Baden-Baden | Mid 20’s



 Munich | Mid 20’s | PLATINUM

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Escort service Gelsenkirchen


Style and level all along the line

These Escorts Gelsenkirchen are characterized by their level, education and style. For every occasion, the Escorts Gelsenkirchen have the right outfit ready, and will always behave appropriately by your side. Whether it’s a business lunch or a visit to a vernissage – with these ladies at your side, you’ll always be the eye-catcher, will always cut a fine figure. The special thing about these escort ladies is that nobody will realize that you have only recently known this woman. Outwardly, the relationship will be familiar and affectionate. Even with conversations of all kinds, the escort ladies are trained in this High Class Escorts Gelsenkirchen. These ladies have all enjoyed a good education and are well versed in numerous subject areas. They are not embarrassed, but these ladies always know when they can engage in a conversation, and when not.

You can also get closer to the city Gelsenkirchen in other ways. The VIP Escorts Gelsenkirchen are not just suited to attract every business partner or opera. But you can also use the escort services to get to know Gelsenkirchen in a sparkling way. Stroll through the green areas of the city, see the most beautiful sights in the city, or just leave the day behind in your hotel room and relax with an attractive lady. A man with such high standards as you simply deserves an attractive lady who will sweeten the hours for him and read every wish from his eyes.

In order to have exactly the lady of your choice in your visit to Gelsenkirchen, you should book in advance. So you can be sure that you can spend your days or hours in Gelsenkirchen with your best choice.

Escort Agency Gelsenkirchen


The best hotels in the city

Do not you just want to have an attractive lady by your side, but only in the best hotels in the city? Then the following listing is a good choice for you.

  • Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen
  • Heiner’s Park hotel
  • Courtyard Gelsenkirchen

Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen

The hotel is located in the heart of Gelsenkirchen, from where you can reach important sights and places on foot. In addition, the distance to Bochum, Essen and Dusseldorf is very low, making the star hotel, especially for business people always happy to book. You can choose from 222 rooms or 2 suites, all of which are exclusively furnished. The view is directed from the rooms either to the park or to the centre of Gelsenkirchen. In addition, the rooms are equipped with everything your heart desires. A sauna and a swimming pool are also provided in the Maritim Hotel, so that you can leave your everyday life behind in the evening with your High Class Escorts Gelsenkirchen.

Heiner’s Parkhotel

Heiner’s Parkhotel looks at first glance like a small hotel – but with a look in the rooms you will notice that here on style and modern elegance was set. The hotel has 36 rooms, all of which have been modernized. Stylish decor is at the Heiner Parkhotelin the foreground. In addition, each room offers everything a man of the world needs. From the Bose audio system to a French bed, you’ll be perfectly happy in this room. Let the friendly and responsive staff bring a bottle of champagne to your room, and then there’s nothing to stand in the way of a sparkling evening with your Escorts Gelsenkirchen. From these rooms you always have a good view of the park. In addition, in addition to the rooms, you can book a suite with both a bath and a balcony.

Courtyard Hotel Gelsenkirchen

Next to the Veltins Arena is the Courtyard Hotel, which can be attributed to the group of Marriott Hotels. Both holidaymakers and business travellers alike will find luxury and relaxation at this hotel. On the 11th floor is the spa area, from which you have an excellent view of the Ruhr area. In the numerous comfortably furnished rooms you are offered luxury all along the line. All the amenities you expect from the Ruhr area are fulfilled at the Courtyard Hotel. In addition to the classic Marriott beds, every room also has Wi-Fi access and air conditioning. Just invite the Escorts Gelsenkirchen to your room for a few hours, or let the evening end together in one of the comfortable rooms.

Highclass Escorts Gelsenkirchen


The palate is indulged in Gelsenkirchen in any case

No matter whether you are in Gelsenkirchen for business or pleasure, the palate should not be left behind. The Escorts Gelsenkirchen can show you the best restaurants in the city, and offer themselves as an excellent accompaniment. Eating together is just more fun than being alone. And a man like you deserves to eat in attractive company. Use the Escorts Gelsenkirchen to find the right Model for your appointment.

  • Casino Zollverein
  • Waldhaus am See
  • Schloss Berge

Casino Zollverein

Casino Zollverein offers fine French and local cuisine. The location will certainly appeal to you and your Escorts Gelsenkirchen, but the atmosphere in this restaurant speaks for itself. The restaurant is located in an old industrial building and offers everything your heart desires. The kitchen conjures up quality food on your plate, and even if you have the stomach full, then you can venture with your High Class Escorts Gelsenkirchen then a walk, or make a visit to the nearby museum. Especially the Ruhrpotttapas are a real insider tip in this restaurant.

Waldhaus am See

The restaurant is located – as the name suggests – on a lake. For more than 40 years, the Waldhaus am See has made a name for itself, and impresses with high quality and exclusive cuisine. The exclusively furnished interior offers you a perfect view of the lake. This atmosphere simply brings the blood to a boil, and is the perfect choice for a meal with your Escort Service Gelsenkirchen. In addition to the high-quality food, you can also choose from an eclectic wine list at the Waldhaus am See. Do not be disappointed if the menu is rather small, but the food in the Waldhaus am See is made from high quality ingredients and always fresh.

Schloss Berge

The Schloss Berge is an old-fashioned building that does not promise too much. Also has a bar on the ground floor has this restaurant. Not only does the menu offer fancy dishes made with quality ingredients, but the game dishes should not be missed with your Escorts Gelsenkirchen. In summer you can enjoy the enchanting and delicious dishes in the garden. You will notice that in the Schloss Berge every occasion can be celebrated extensively. You can not only dine with your High Class Escorts Gelsenkirchen in a cosy togetherness, but also plan a business lunch. If you are looking for a restaurant with a sophisticated ambience and delicious and high-quality food, then you are definitely in the right place at Schloss Berge.

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Enjoy the nightlife in Gelsenkirchen with your Escorts Gelsenkirchen

The Ruhr area is best known for its atmospheric nights. If you plunge into the nightlife here, you will certainly experience a lot. With your Escort Service Gelsenkirchen you can turn the night into day in the clubs of the city.

  • Maxx Club
  • Manyo’s Cocktail Bar

Maxx Club

The Maxx Club offers you a location where you can bring the dance floor to a boil. With your Escorts Gelsenkirchen you can dance to the sounds of R’n’B and the charts. The audience is mixed and C Schiffer once paid a visit to this trendy club.

Manyo’s Cocktail Bar

The bar restaurant offers you Spanish flair all along the line. In addition to fajitas and tapas, you can sip excellent cocktails with your VIP Escorts Gelsenkirchen here. In the bar there are large palm trees, so that you will definitely get a holiday feeling. The relaxed atmosphere in this cocktail bar will make it easier for you to get closer with your High Class Escorts Gelsenkirchen.

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Let the sights of the city bring you closer to your Escorts Gelsenkirchen

You have never visited Gelsenkirchen, or would you like to get to know the city from a different perspective than with a guide? Then just use the attractive Escorts Gelsenkirchen at your side. The big advantage is that these ladies knows Gelsenkirchen and can show you places and places that are not in a travel guide. But even if you want to see the sights of the city, with the right company you will definitely experience tingling moments that will be remembered for a long time.

  • Zoom adventure world
  • Music theatre in the area
  • St. Urbanus Church

Zoom adventure world

You want to visit a zoo where there is a lifelike facility for animals? Then you should not miss the Zoom adventure world. You will feel like you are in the middle of Africa or Asia. The enclosures are spacious and offer the animals what they need. With your Escort Service Gelsenkirchen you will definitely be able to spend so many hours in the Zoom adventure world.

Music theater in the area

If you are a fan of music then the music theatre in the district is a good choice. The musical staging’s are always worth a visit. From Don Giovanni to the Comedian Harmonists, there is something for every taste. If you decide to visit Musiktheater im Revier, you should take care of maps in good time, because they are in great demand. So you can be sure that with your escort lady you can definitely get a seat at one of the impressive performances. In addition to a varied program, the music theatre in the district offers excellent acoustics and very comfortable seating.

St. Urbanus Church

In the district of Buer you will find the St Urbanus Church. If you’re a fan of architecture, then this building is definitely a hot tip. Since the church has been renovated and rebuilt several times due to numerous fires and wars, there are different styles side by side, but also exhibits from the middleAges to see here. Your High Class Escorts Gelsenkirchen will certainly be able to provide you with numerous information about one of the oldest buildings in Gelsenkirchen.

Enjoy your time in Gelsenkirchen with your Escorts Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen is located in the Ruhr area and has so much to offer. If you are planning one or more days in this city, you should not spend your time here alone. Let one of the attractive High Class Escorts Gelsenkirchen of the Escort Agency Gelsenkirchen sweeten the hours. Whether taking walks in one of the parks or on a lake, visiting a music theatre or a vernissage – the Escorts Gelsenkirchen will always be a good choice. With these ladies you will experience sparkling and sensual moments that you simply deserve. Let yourself be pampered on the whole line and get exactly what you deserve.